do what you love

ebay may 31 2015 037

  1. so grateful for my job and can’t wait to see my little ones tomorrow
  2. and so grateful for amazing colleagues
  3. and a good night’s sleep
  4. and friends who want to stay connected

and we sailed looking for a brand new start

  1. grateful for Van Morrison being on the planet for 70 years
  2. early morning walk with the puppy and no skunks got us
  3. long productive day at work
  4. quiet and peaceful evening at home
  5. grateful in advance for a good night’s sleep

that which is never born can never die

wayne dyer1

  1. so grateful that I read and listen to and absorbed so many of Dr. Dyer’s teachings over the past two decades – he is a gift to this planet
  2. spent some alone time this morning with the puppy
  3. long walk downtown and good conversations
  4. walk on the beach with 5th sister and my dog
  5. grateful in advance for a good night’s sleep

the sacrifice is sacred


  1. reminder this morning, again, about what to do with the waste
  2. helped my girl by running some errands for her
  3. nap this afternoon – needed it
  4. out to dinner and to a concert this evening with the 5th sister in perfect weather and accompanied by a spectacular super moon.

you came for the fast moving stream

july 2015 066

  1. satisfying work this morning – felt like I could help make a decision that influenced someone’s life in a positive way – I need to remember that this is often the case with students
  2. glad I could spend time cleaning today and listening to podcasts
  3. lovely walk at sunset with 5th sister
  4. so grateful for my snuggly dog

blank. slate.

kriskatphotos 003

  1. productive day in the classroom
  2. long walk in the woods
  3. glad to be able to help send my girl next door off to college – I am so excited for her

taking care of the baby bird


  1. despite my tendency to isolate myself, I am grateful for the people in my life who check in and ask how I am
  2. grateful to be back in school and get some things organized
  3. so happy to be able to help my new little girl tonight – she is a remarkable person and there is no accident (even though it was an accident) that she came our way

surely all your dirt will turn into gold

  1. quiet walk in the rain with the dog
  2. visit from friend this afternoon
  3. checking in on my boy – grateful he has a soft place to land
  4. so nice to see my girls get their photos done tonight
  5. a nap on my cozy couch

late sunday afternoon of summer

old phone 026

  1. bittersweet last week of summer but grateful to see some colleagues and get back into the swing of things
  2. puppy providing love and migraine relief
  3. great dinner with enlightening conversation
  4. am so so grateful in advance for a good night’s sleep

it may as well have been dragons attacking

july 2015 home visit 011

  1. great to see namesake and our friend – so sad to be under such tragic circumstances
  2. long meandering conversation tonight making my brain hurt a little bit but in a good way
  3. grateful in advance for a good night’s sleep
  4. things to look forward to this week