giving it away


  1. Fun coworkers who put on a thanksgiving lunch 
  2. Sweet students who give squishy hugs 
  3. Funny friends who make me laugh 
  4. A nice walk with my dad and dinner with my sister and family 
  5. Safe and peaceful night for everyone 

until your life chooses you 


  1. helping a colleague felt good, plus she made me laugh 
  2. I really need to laugh more 
  3. Also grateful for sleep 
  4. And for friends who check in on me 
  5. grateful for everyone’s safety and peace 

and you will arrive too


  1. my friend who will remind me when we are 75 that I may have made an unwise choice last night 
  2. a fun and light hearted afternoon full of laughs out in the world 
  3. grateful in advance for some sleep

let’s give some love away

  1. grateful for emergency vets that see sick puppies at midnight and grateful that my girl is ok
  2. my son reaches out and finds a safe place to land – even if for only a little while 
  3. nice cozy evening with 5th sister 
  4. happy that I could get some things done around the house today 

wake up 

  1. talking to my person and gaining perspective on my kid – grateful for the image she shared with me of him surrounded by love
  2. helping a woman find her dog helped me
  3. validating conversations
  4. fascinating movie

nothing real can be threatened 


  1. squishy hugs 
  2. people who listen to me cry and understand 
  3. my neighbor for getting it 
  4. my spiritual sister for saying prayers 
  5. my friend for making me laugh
  6. namesake for being on the planet with me 
  7. my doctor for getting it and taking care of me 
  8. super sweet children and teachers alike 
  9. my cozy bed and grateful in advance for sleep 

my present situation

  1. my friend for making me listen to this silly song and trying to get me laughing on another dark day
  2. my son for reaching out and asking for help
  3. my neighbor for getting me and being there
  4. my namesake for checking in on me
  5. the ladies at school who brought yummy treats first thing this morning
  6. grateful in advance (please) for some sleep

you made some new friends after the show

  1. boy came in from off the grid even if for only 2 minutes 
  2. out to dinner with 5th sister and seeing old friends 
  3. long conversation with my next door girl 
  4. friends checking in – I am grateful for the people in my life

may they comfort you tonight 

  1. one of my students who was recently not well behaved becomes a model student 
  2. friend offering insightful conversation today after school 
  3. puppy nurse magical unicorn 

and you give yourself away 


  1. silent retreat 
  2. sweet puppy and walk in great weather 
  3. being able to read for hours 
  4. grateful in advance for sleep tonight