why not makes as much sense as why


  1. having a decidedly unbalanced morning but deciding to pay attention to the small moment anyway -because all we have are these small moments 
  2. and appreciate what is being offered to me even if I can’t understand 
  3. and enjoy my students 
  4. and be grateful that my colleague is well after a scary illness 
  5. and connect with other colleagues in meaningful ways
  6. and have the luxury of laying on the couch and listening to a smart radio show about grief 

your best is going to change from moment to moment

4 agreements

  1. my friends for checking in on me this morning
  2. really sweet students today and squishy hugs
  3. long walk after school
  4. looking forward to a good night’s sleep

learn from your mother or else spend your days biting your own neck 

  1. grateful for throwing myself into work to distract myself from crisis 
  2. kindergarten students are good for the soul 
  3. surprised to hear from new old friend – 2 in 2 days
  4. visit with 5th sister 
  5. getting sleep tonight. 

of birthdays and extra moms 


  1. grateful that my boy matters to others and he could be treated by the other moms 
  2. decent sleep last night in my cozy bed
  3. surprise conversation with new old friend 
  4. long walk and out to dinner with girlfriend who makes me laugh. 


  1. my cozy office to run away to
  2. walk with my friend
  3. cozy couch
  4. my friends wise witness and counsel for my grief
  5. long night of sleep last night

bring the magical unicorn 


  1. nice wake up call, walk and visit in the neighborhood
  2. my girl next store for listening to me cry
  3. out shopping treating myself 
  4. good friends who help me sift through this contrast 
  5. thankful in advance for sleep 

thanks in advance for showing up


  1. kindergarten students 
  2. quiet and peaceful night 
  3. out to dinner with my girl next door
  4. sweet puppy
  5. grateful in advance for more than 4 hours sleep

setting yourself free with forgiveness 


  1. My coworker for telling a silly story about gummy bear pizza 
  2. My students for being stinking cute 
  3. My friend for offering to run away with me 
  4. Week long podcast series on forgiveness 
  5. My friend for carrying a heavy burden with me
  6. My son for having access to part of his good mind 
  7. My aunt for talking about silly stuff with me. 
  8. Grateful in advance for a night of peace and grace and enough sleep (for everyone) to face a new day. 

on forgiveness and boundaries 


early to bed

  1. 5th sister for listening to me and getting me out of the house
  2. My friend for reminding me to keep boundaries
  3. Namesake for reminding me to forgive and for reminding me that I’m never alone even when I am
  4. Grateful in advance that my son stays safe
  5. Grateful in advance for sleep