dolce far niente

rob bell night july 25 032

  1. snuggles with the best dog in the world this morning
  2. long conversations with friends and family sorting things out
  3. long nap this afternoon
  4. walk. woods. puppy

height of land

rangeley 054 rangeley 111rangeley 016 rangeley 068

  1. a road trip with a life long friend
  2. peace and quiet in the morning
  3. reveling in the expanse and beauty in the wilderness
  4. talking my brother off a ledge

dirt. heat. mountains. lakes. sparkly things.

rangeley 006

  1. finding some gems hidden in the dirt
  2. angels next door that saved me from panic
  3. a road trip with a life long friend
  4. spectacular views
  5. a good night’s sleep

chasing storm clouds

July 27 prouts neck 040

  1. lazy morning watching clouds while walking and talking
  2. off exploring with fifth sister and old friend
  3. all the girls for dinner – very fun
  4. helping out my brother

three things you can touch

July 27 prouts neck 005

  1. my friend reminding me how to stay grounded this morning during a panic attack
  2. me reminding myself how to stay grounded this afternoon by laying down on a rock
  3. being asked to serve on the board of a good organization
  4. spending the day with one of my best girls on the planet
  5. wandering on a beach and collecting rocks

being grateful for the 96% dark matter

rob bell night july 25 063 rob bell night july 25 067 rob bell night july 25 071 rob bell night july 25 072 rob bell night july 25 075

  1. amazing night full of insight, brilliance, light and love
  2. so happy to share this with my friend who really gets it – knowing that surviving the dark makes the light so much more…more
  3. a nap on the couch after a trouble free drive
  4. and a life-long friend here in time for dinner

yes, everything

  1. in the spirit of saying yes to everything, I am so grateful that I get to look forward to some mind expanding enlightening ideas
  2. with a wonderful friend who has saved me this year
  3. and I get to save her and treat her tonight to a fantastic evening
  4. in a luxurious place
  5. I am grateful in advance for a safe and fun trip
  6. also I took a risk and gave the boy a ride today – and it was ok

and know what’s truly real

july 14 2015 023

  1. grateful for conversation with namesake about planning ahead,  contracts in this life and having that validated today
  2. sad conversations but being true to myself
  3. gorgeous sky tonight during my walk
  4. sorted out tomorrow without too much stress
  5. surprise visit from boy tonight

like a river to the sea

  1. grateful for a productive morning and able to help my friend
  2. long walk with sister in gorgeous gorgeous weather – this summer has been spectacular
  3. hanging out with my namesake and out to dinner

on birthdays and perfect summer days

july 2015 home visit 003

  1. spent all day with 5th sister
  2. gorgeous weather and a walk near the ocean
  3. helped my neighbor tonight
  4. grateful in advance for a good night’s sleep